Introduction to UnoFarm

UnoFarm is a yield farming aggregator. It automates farming process in your favour.

Yield farming is considered one of the most popular investment strategies in DeFi (Decentralised Finance). Yield farming allows DeFi users to earn additional profits from lending/borrowing their cryptocurrency assets, while providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEX).

UnoFarm's mission is to bring together all the best DeFi yield sources within a single tool. Our duty is to provide a unified interface to all of the major farms and liquidity pools, automating the yields generation process, therefore maximizing rewards earned from delegating your assets. The tools mentioned above allow you to increase your income, while keeping it secure, way more safer than handling your assets manually.

What does UnoFarm do:

  1. It aggregates and compounds yields from various trusted DeFi protocols running on multiple different blockchains.

  2. It provides a convenient and detailed analytic statistics, that includes a representation of your daily income, measured in USD.

  3. It saves your free time, and reduces network fees (compared to farming manually).

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