Staking on UNO

In this section, we will briefly touch on the topic of DeFi, liquidity provision and staking on UNO.

As you know, the emergence of DeFi services has introduced fundamentally new profitability tools to the market, such as providing liquidity for DEX, decentralized lending protocols, farming pools, crypto bridges, etc.

UNO selects the best sources of return in terms of profitability and reliability by providing liquidity to DeFi pools in one place and maximizes profitability through the use of intelligent portfolio management and recompounding algorithms.

Our goal: to give investors a single point of access to decentralized finance

DeFi yield pools, in our opinion, are very effective investment instruments and our goal is to give investors a single point of access to them.

So, you already have a cryptocurrency wallet and it has been topped up.

Now choose a pool for investment and provide liquidity.

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